Newest design cordless poratble water flosser for traveling


Why do you need a water flosser?

*Reduce the overall amount of bacteria that increases your risk for developing gum disease.
*Remove more plaque than brushing alone, especially when used in conjunction with brushing and flossing.
*Help control gingivitis—particularly in those who don’t floss on a regular basis.
*Reduce the incidence of gum bleeding.
*Improve bad breath.

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Why do you need a water flosser?

Oral irrigation is often recommended for people who are unable to tolerate flossing. Sensitive gums, orthodontic appliances, diabetes, dental implants, and non-compliance are all reasons why oral irrigation is an effective alternative to flossing.

For people with sensitive gums, flossing can prove to be highly irritating; a water flosser is an excellent alternative, and should be used on a regular basis.

Description Image
Description Image

  • It can be equipped with the porous ceramic filter cartridge, a new innovative filter material to change water quality, safe and sanitary.
  • 5 core technologies, ergonomic design, comfort grab feel.
  • Large water tank capacity, enjoy surfing between teeth
  • Adapter: DC5V,1A
  • Water jet pulse: 1400-1800times/min
  • Working models: normal,soft,pulse(massage)
  • Water tank:230ml
  • Pressure range:30-100psi
  • Waterproof grade: IPX7
  • Power:5w
  • Battery:1400mAh Lithium battery
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Customer Reviews
4 out of 5
2 reviews for Newest design cordless poratble water flosser for traveling
  1. I ordered the miracle of the device on March 12, today March 17, it came 5 days before St. Petersburg, I ordered from Russia. teeth clean out on Hurray, I really liked it) of course no one canceled dental floss and brush with paste) It is very convenient to take on a trip, for which I took it. And so came the whole, without dents and so on. Charged came. As The Courier brought, immediately tried to brush their teeth. Of course, it is necessary to move, all the same it is not a brush with a paste)))

  2. Very high quality and excellent price and clean deeply with the same owners of the calendar, I advise you, a calendar I have a month and the battery after an excellent wee

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